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Jan Christoph is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, and head of the Cardiac Vision Laboratory. He is a faculty member of the Cardiovascular Research Institute, with appointments in the Division of Cardiology, School of Medicine, and the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences. His research interests include cardiac electrophysiology and biomechanics, cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms, the physics of complex biological systems, artificial intelligence, numerical modeling and imaging. Previously, he worked at the University Medical Center Göttingen and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany, where he developed novel optical and ultrasound-based imaging techniques for the visualization of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias.

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Curriculum Vitae

May 2021 - present

Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco, USA

January 2019 - April 2021

Scientist, Department of Cardiology and Pneumology, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany

November 2014 - December 2018

Postdoctoral Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany

March 2011 - October 2014

Ph.D., Physics of Biological and Complex Systems, University of Göttingen, Germany


Previous Talks

January 2024

Invited Seminar Talk, Data-Driven Physical Simulations Seminar, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA

December 2023

Invited Talk, AI across Biological Scales Symposium, University of California, San Francisco, USA

October 2022

Invited Talk, Frontiers in Pharmacology Seminar, University of California, Davis, USA

October 2022

Invited Talk, Department of Biomedical Engineering, George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA

August 2022

Invited Talk, ESC Congress 2022, European Society of Cardiology, Barcelona, Spain

June 2022

Invited Talk, Gordon Research Conference on Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms, Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire, USA

February 2022

Invited Talk, Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science Seminar, Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

January 2022

Invited Talk, Cardiology Grand Rounds, University of California, San Francisco, USA

August 2021

Invited Mini-Symposium Talk, Dynamics Days Europe 2021, Université Côte d'Azur, Nice, France + virtual (Link)

July 2021

Invited Conference Talk at Symposium 'Seeing, Feeling, and Hearing Electrophysiology in Excitable Organs: Next-generation Electrophysiology', Physiology 2021 Conference by the Physiological Society, Birmingham, United Kingdom (Link)

May 2021

Mini-Symposium Talk, SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems, Portland / Virtual, USA (Link)

September 2020

Invited Seminar Talk, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany

January 2020

Invited Symposium Talk, Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

January 2020

Invited Lecture, Cardiovascular Grand Rounds, School for Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart and Vascular Center, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands

October 2019

Invited Seminar Talk, Department of Pharmacology, University Medical Center Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

September 2019

Invited Symposium Talk, Freiburg Cardiac Ion Channel Meeting, From Ion Channels to Clinical Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias, Freiburg, Germany

April 2019

Invited Talk, Workshop on Cardiac Modeling, Towards an Integrated Numerical Heart Model, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Bad Herrenalb, Germany

March 2019

Invited Conference Talk, ‘Electro-mechanical Rotors during Arrhythmias’, 17th Dutch-German Joint Meeting of the Molecular Cardiology Working Group, Göttingen, Germany

September 2018

Invited Conference Keynote Lecture ‘Tempests of the Heart: the Electrical and Mechanical Phenomena underlying Cardiac Fibrillation’ Europhysiology 2018 Conference by the Physiological Society, Early Career Symposium, London, UK

July 2018

Invited Seminar Talk at KITP Program ‘Integrative Cardiac Dynamics’, ‘Electromechanical Vortex Filaments during Cardiac Fibrillation (extended Version)’, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (Link)

KITP Talk Jan Christoph - Electromechanical Vortex Filaments during Cardiac Fibrillation


In total 40+ contributed and invited talks at symposia and conferences in cardiovascular sciences, physics and applied math.

Awards & Media Coverage

October 2022

NIH Director's New Innovator Award (DP2) (Link)

January 2019

Postdoctoral Excellence Grant, German Center for Cardiovascular Research

July 2018

'From the Literature: Imaging Technique Reveals the Dynamic Processes in the Fibrillating Heart', Circulation (Link)

July 2018

'EP News: Electromechanical Vortex Filaments during Cardiac Fibrillation', Heart Rhythm Journal (Link)

April 2018

‘Imaging Vortex Filaments during Cardiac Fibrillation’ in Physics Today (Link)

February 2017

Award ‘Best Oral Presentation’ at Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, CA, USA