Presented at 'Dynamics Days Europe'

By Jan Christoph on September 11, 2023
I presented our recent work at the Dynamics Days Europe conference held at the University of Naples in Italy.

New Preprint!

By Jan Christoph on July 25, 2023
We developed a novel panoramic optical mapping system consisting of 12 high-speed cameras with which it is possible to image action potential waves across the entire surface of contracting hearts.

Presented at KIT

By Jan Christoph on July 07, 2023
Jan Lebert presented his PhD thesis at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Jan Lebert receives PhD!

By Jan Christoph on June 15, 2023
Jan Lebert successfully defended his PhD thesis!

New Preprint!

By Jan Christoph on May 16, 2023
In our most recent study, we demonstrate that three-dimensional electrical action potential waves can be computed from ventricular motion using deep learning. We published these results on arXiv.

Predicting Cardiac Dynamics using Machine Learning

By Jan Christoph on April 08, 2023
Meet us at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems from May 14-18th 2023 in Portland, USA. We will discuss the latest research on applying machine learning to cardiac dynamics and arrhythmia research.

New Paper

By Jan Christoph on January 17, 2023
New paper 'Reconstruction of three-dimensional scroll waves in excitable media from two-dimensional observations using deep neural networks' published in Physical Review E.

Presented at UC Davis

By Jan Christoph on October 19, 2022
I presented our work at the University of California Davis.

Presented at The George Washington University

By Jan Christoph on October 07, 2022
I visited The George Washington University in Washington D.C. and gave a talk about our work.

Received 'New Innovator Award'

By Jan Christoph on October 05, 2022
Our research will be supported by an NIH Director's 'New Innovator Award'.