Presented at ESC Congress 2022

By Jan Christoph on August 30, 2022
I presented at the ESC Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona.

Presented at Gordon Research Conference

By Jan Christoph on July 02, 2022
I presented our work at the Gordon Research Conference on Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms in New London, New Hampshire.

New Lab Members!

By Jan Christoph on June 01, 2022
New Lab Members!

Presented at Heart Rhythm 2022

By Jan Christoph on April 29, 2022
Jan Lebert presented results from our recent paper at HRS2022

Support by NVIDIA

By Jan Christoph on March 11, 2022
Our research will be supported by NVIDIA.

Presented at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

By Jan Christoph on February 18, 2022
I presented our work at the 'Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science Seminar' at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

New Lab Members!

By Jan Christoph on February 15, 2022
We welcome our new lab members Daniel Deng, Rayimbek Akshulakov, Isadora White, Aditya Satyadeep and Steffi Tan.

Presented at Dynamics Days (North America) 2022

By Jan Christoph on January 10, 2022
We presented our recent paper 'Rotor Localization and Phase Mapping of Cardiac Excitation Waves using Deep Neural Networks' at the Dynamics Days North America 2022 conference hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Received 'New Frontier Research' Award

By Jan Christoph on December 07, 2021
Our science will be supported by the 'New Frontier Research' award through UCSF's 'Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research'.

First Paper accepted!

By Jan Christoph on November 11, 2021
We demonstrate that cardiac phase mapping and the detection of so-called 'rotors' can be performed with deep learning. The paper appears in Frontiers in Physiology in the Research Topic 'Nonlinear Analysis and Machine Learning in Cardiology'.